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an interview with pop & granny

You two are experienced grandparents of two cute little girls.  Are you excited about having a grandson?

Pop: Of course!

Granny: For sure. I love little boys. They are a different species. It seems they are born knowing all the noises associated with cars and trucks. Little boys can be rough and tough, but they also love deeply. 

Do you think your granddaughters will dress him up in their princess costumes?

Pop: I doubt it.  They always need a prince.

Granny: I bet they try. Of course, he might get to be the Prince.  He may get them to dress up as Super Heroes or famous athletes. I just can’t wait to have the cousins playing together and loving each other. I have such fun memories of my cousins. It is a special relationship. 

Did you have any fun traditions with your grandparents you want to carry on to your grandson?

Pop: Not really

Granny: Birthday celebrations were so special. Going to the grandparents house for dinner and presents. The birthday person got to pick his menu and cake flavor. My Little Granny’s fried chicken was the best! She made a fantastic lemon meringue pie. Yum. I think being together was what I loved the most. also, hopefully trips to the mountains- fishing and camping out.

What traits do you think Baby Dudley will share with his daddy?

Pop: Being calm for the most part.  And eating like his daddy and grandfather both.

Granny: Physically, very much. If you look at Ben and Clay, you almost see a mirror image. That’s the way I think Baby Dudley will look. Black hair, big brown eyes, and a smile that will melt your heart. He will have a compassionate heart and love his family. Of course, he will be an organizer and people person. His interests will be interesting to discover, but he will probably be guided towards soccer, biking and basketball. I hope he is musically talented. That’s such a neat gift from God. 

Do you think Baby Dudley will be as Larry Bird obsessed as Ben was as a little kid?

Pop: No. He will be a soccer kid.

Granny: Yes, absolutely! Bedtime stories every night about all the big games, great ball handling skills and Celtic green. I also have all the posters for his room that his dad had up in his room! No need to decorate his room with anything else. 

Did you have any feelings one way or the other if Baby Dudley would be a boy or girl?

Pop: I thought Baby Dudley would be a boy.  Just a hunch.

Granny: I thought at first a girl, but when I saw Jamie, I thought - boy. The old wives tale of carrying low! It really didn’t matter. I was just so excited for another grandbaby to love!

Do you know his name & can you share it with us?

Pop: Adam?

Granny: I think, Larry.

How do you feel about your grandson being 2,200 miles away?

Pop: Don’t like to think about that.

Granny: It is a long way, but Southwest flies to Portland. Seriously, with FaceTime and the telephone, we can make it work. 

Will you take your grandson to McDonald’s when we arn’t looking?

Pop: No, never.  Grilled Cheese Grill most likely.

Granny: No, I don’t like it either. 

Do you have plans of spoiling your grandson without shame?

Pop: Of course.  That’s what grandparents are for, right?

Granny: Absolutely! Lots and lots of plans. Toys, books, balls, bicycles and a drum set. Heehee.

Here is our little guy at 38 weeks.  Only two weeks to go!!  I can’t wait to get my ankles back. :)